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Back in May this House Wren was singing his heart out and feeling pretty awesome in front of the ladies. Problem was, he over did it and accidentally barfed up a bug and some drool..

How embarrassing. :P



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More like red truck parked on the shoulder with a Red-shouldered parked on top. :)

Haha...of course. I'll have to edit. :wacko::lol:

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I am not sure this will be as funny to you guys as it is to me, but this phoebe photo has a very 1980s, Olan Mills/Sears Portrait studio vibe to me.  I wish I had better photo shopping skills, because I think it could be funny with a little "tiny mirror image in the corner" (does anyone remember those, I have one of me and my sister) or the "picture in the empty wine goblet" (my parents have one of those somewhere), or maybe just a gold chain and a small afro....


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On 9/18/2017 at 9:14 AM, HamRHead said:

Red truck and Red-tailed:



Edit: And the caption winner is @The Bird Nuts who correctly identified the hawk as a Red-shouldered. 

Great catch! Those Red-tailed seemed to like red cars. A buddy brought his red Tacoma for new set tires and forged wheels to the shop. A few minutes after he parked it across the street, we saw a Red-tailed jumping all over his truck. Wish we got it on a photo.

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