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Our more recent addition has a bit of a story…
This past April our parents came home telling us there was a bunny on a construction site down the street. No one on our street has rabbits, and as it was just after Easter we were pretty certain that it was a dumped pet that a kid no longer wanted. 
My sister and I headed down there, and sure enough, there was a black and white rabbit. Since the neighbourhood is covered in owls, coyotes, raccoons, and dogs, we were pretty sure it wouldn't last long, and attempted to catch it. That didn't work, and it led us onto the nearby golf course, where we found a second rabbit! This one was a tan brown colour instead. We very quickly caught that one, and decided to head home with it. We kept it inside for the night, and started asking around, in case it was someone's pet. We learned that some people who were renting in the neighbourhood used to have them, and the bunnies more or less roamed free in that part of the neighbourhood for months. Finally, they decided they didn't want them at all anymore, and dumped them on the golf course. 
Since we didn't have the black and white one, and found out they had been "wild" for the past year, we decided to release the brown one and they continued living together on the construction site. 
In May, the black and white one disappeared. Our neighbour had heard coyotes one night, and we never saw it again. We decided to bring the brown one, now nicknamed "Nutmeg", to our yard so it could live in a friendlier environment. While she did roam from our yard, she would show up again every day.
Fast forward to two weeks ago. The weather was started to get colder and rainier, and we noticed an increase in coyotes. We decided, on a whim, to take her inside. That night a Great Horned Owl was perched atop a flagpole in our yard, scanning the ground where there used to live a rabbit. 
Nutmeg has taken to our home well, and while Tom, one of our cats, sometimes chases her, he never hurts her. Mary seems more scared of her than anything, but tolerates her. Nutmeg uses a litter box, jumps onto the couch with us, and follows us around from room to room. We took her to the vet for a checkup, and the vet was surprised how good of a condition she was in. Fur, heart, teeth, everything was good.
We never thought we would love a rabbit as much as we do now. :)

(she looks much bigger than she actually is in this photo)

My sister has a veggie garden, and when Nutmeg was still living outside she took full advantage of it. ;)
Now… a relaxed indoor bunny. Her fur looks patchy because she's molting. 

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Shadow and Minou sharing the warmth of the wood stove while napping.


31592119713_2049c5a6b7_c.jpgDSCN6469-2 by lonestranger102, on Flickr


32025827690_92b9024ec4_c.jpgDSCN6472-2 by lonestranger102, on Flickr



I hate to admit that I took one too many photos and ended up waking them up, but I don't feel the least bit guilty considering how often they wake me up in the middle of a good sleep. :P


32025825820_f024b661c6_c.jpgDSCN6474-2 by lonestranger102, on Flickr

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After the unexpected death of our cat we decided to adopt another one. This is Kimba, our newest family member, she loves watching the birds at our feeder just outside the front window.


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Maymay and all her flufferbutt glory is the newest addition to our houserabbit group.  She was offered for free on craigslist and that does not end well for a rabbit, 90% or more of the time.  She is an old gal, but she is already relaxing and bunny "flopping" indicating she feels safe and comfortable with us.


Maymay and all her flufferbutt glory


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