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  2. Red Necked Grebe?

    If so, it's way off course. At first I thought it was a common loon, but the beak is too small. The gray coloring reminds me of the eared or horned, especially with the smallish bill, but the red coloring and lack of red/yellow eyes leads me to Red Necked Grebe. Of course they aren't supposed to be here, so the poor guy may just be blown off course and hunkering down due to cold, wet weather, but I wanted to get second opinions before I ebird it. I've seen adults in Canada and Montana, and I've seen the stripey little ones hitching a ride, but no juveniles. Thanks so much!
  3. Recent bug sightings

    New species of grasshopper for me, Campylacantha olivacea (Fuzzy Olive-Green Grasshopper), subspecies Campylacantha olivacea olivacea, Melanoplinae subfamily (Spur-throated Grasshoppers) and new genus for me: female Paraidemona genus Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplinae subfamily) new beetle species for me: Acmaeodera scalaris, Buprestidae family (Metallic Wood-boring Beetles). I had gotten A. neglecta a lot, but not this species. Only got one shot before he flew. new larva for me, some kind of Syrphid fly, Syrphinae subfamily: new Ichneumonid for me: female Anomalon genus wasp, Ichneumonidae family wasp
  4. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Woa! Congrats! That's awesome man. I've never even had a first state record. I think the closest I've gotten is 5th.
  5. Today
  6. fly

    This guy is itsy bitsy. I had it in my brain (most likely wrong) that the vertical stripes on the thorax were a Sarcophagidae trademark, but this guy was teeny tiny. Any idea what he is?
  7. Sandpiper

    Male Pectorals are significantly larger than females which would explain things.
  8. bug

    Can you make out what this distorted wet bug is? Face to me looks Reduviidaeish, but the body doesn't ? He's one of the backyard bugs I tried to rescue from the birdbath while Hurricane Harvey beating up on central Texas.
  9. Flycatcher

    Slightly off topic... Hi psweet, if you return to this. You may recall the yellow-throated Emp I asked about here which the location made Pacific-slope most likely but had a smooth round eye ring - like a Yellow-bellied - versus the typical pronounced P-S tear drop shape. I am still looking for confirmation that P-S can have smooth eye rings but none yet. Is it possible that they would look smooth if their plumage was worn?
  10. Flycatcher

    I agree on (probably) Hammond's. Has all the right features as David T noted... but I can't hear it.
  11. Help with two birds please

    Not Franklin's - maybe Ring-billed but not sure. And an American Pipit. Edit: taking a closer look at the faces of those gulls they also could be Californias... but again, not sure. But I'm certain somebody on this forum will be able to ID them from your photo.
  12. These pictures were taken yesterday and a wildlife management area near Townsend Montana. I believe the gulls are Franklin's but not sure. The other I have no idea. There were several of these small birds foraging on the lake bed along with Killdeer and Baird's sandpipers. Sorry for the poor quality pictures, it's still a little smoky here. Your expert opiniions would be greatly appriciated. Thank You.
  13. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Actually, looking at that map, Chipperatl, if you were to upload this shot to Bugguide, you'd have their first record for Michigan.
  14. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    No, I think I've photographed one of the derbids, but not this one. Those Bugguide ranges are based solely on images submitted to Bugguide, so for obscure or hard to spot critters like this, they're very incomplete. I generally don't rule out a species for Illinois unless they show no states nearby and they have plenty of images.
  15. Florida Hawk

    Cool! Thank you, psweet!
  16. Warblers - Western Mass

    I'd say you're right, looking again what I thought was a bit of a wingbar is a twig in front of the bird.
  17. Florida Hawk

    Looks like a juvenile Red-shouldered. The secondaries appear to be distinctly barred above, which a Broad-wing shouldn't show at any age.
  18. Juvenile Heron?

  19. Florida Hawk

    Hi! My dad sent me these pictures of a hawk he saw in Largo, Florida this past weekend. Is this a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk (heavy streaking) vs Broad-winged Hawk? Or... Thanks for your input.
  20. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Wow, very cool !! I couldn't even figure out the order !! (actually, not unusual for me) Have you seen this one, psweet? Bugguide has a rather strange range of representation: http://bugguide.net/node/view/80981/data Very cool bug.
  21. Warblers - Western Mass

    the first bird looks better for a nashville i'd say...no streaking on the breast and yellowish undertail coverts doesn't fit magnolia
  22. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Euklastus harti, one of the Derbid Planthoppers.
  23. Waterthrush - Louisiana or Northern?

    WOW!! Nice shots!
  24. Three Fledglings

    Dear birdbrain, Thank you. Mystery solved. Patricia
  25. Three Fledglings

    In your original post... pic #1 looks to be a Warbling Vireo with a deformed beak and pics #2 &#3 are Common Yellowthroats. Later in your second post... pic#1 is the same Warbling Vireo with the deformed beak and pic #2 is a Common Yellowthroat.
  26. 3 birds from New Mexico

    1. female Hepatic Tanager 2. Say's Phoebe 3. Great-tailed Grackles
  27. Three Fledglings

    psweet - Thank you for clarifying for me. You are referring to the initial post, correct? In my second post of two photos, I am aware they are two separate birds. Do you have any idea who these fledglings are? Patricia
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