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  2. And yet another Cooper's / Sharpie question

    I have no doubt that you will! Where I live, Cooper's Hawks are far more common.
  3. Raptors N' Ducks

    SS, the things to look for are the head shape and a smaller, stubbier and more triangular yellow bill. Common Goldeneyes can also have yellow bills. Think a Barrow's would be really rare there but you just never know where a bird can show up. If there was a 'handful' of them they were almost certainly Commons.
  4. Raptors N' Ducks

    There were a handful like that. I didn't really think much of it though but I know next to nothing about goldeneye ducks. I've heard of Barrow's before but I also don't know anything of them haha. I can see if I have some more bad photos of her, but I'm not sure. I did get some photos of another female with a weirdly light head but figured it was young/dilute or something.
  5. photobombers!!!

    Kinda reminds me of an old song written and recorded by Carl Smith and later recorded by Mickey Gilley, "I Overlooked an Orchid While Searching for a Rose"!
  6. Bad hair day

    Bad hair day,little blue heron by Mike, on Flickr And bonus... Turtle ballet by Mike, on Flickr
  7. Yellow-Breasted Chat?

    Agree on Chat. Birds don't read field guides and individuals can show up in all sorts of unexpected places... which is a big part of the fun of birding.
  8. Raptors N' Ducks

    I agree on Prairie for that falcon. I think the bar on its face just looks bigger because the photo is blurred. Also that female type Goldeneye sure has a steep forehead and a 'puffy' head, and a yellow bill. Too bad that whole bill isn't more visible. That apparent head shape may just due to the angle or the moment but, if it isn't, that combined with a short stubby yellow bill would indicate a Barrow's - which I would think would be very rare there.
  9. Hawk/Falcon outside New Orleans, LA

    Their populations are really rebounding so it is likely just a matter of time before you see one. Just keep looking where there is lots of prey for them.
  10. Bird in flight

    Why do you think it was coming from Florida?
  11. Sharp-shinned Hawk Confirmation

    Yes, that definitely is a Sharpie.
  12. Today
  13. gray/brown flycatcher?

    Phoenix, Az - Jan 21, 2017 This gray phoebe looking bird has a brown crown; and light patch on shoulder ... and a very alert posture. Was flitting from the shore of a pond to a low hanging pine tree branch and back again.
  14. I've been seeing a lot of Coopers Hawks in my yard lately and I saw this hawk today and he looked a lot smaller and a little different (big buggy eyes). I'm thinking this might be a Sharpie. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  15. Bird in flight

    Agree with White Ibis. You can also make out the curved bill.
  16. Congrats on the lifer!! Nice shot!
  17. The audio in #1 sounds distorted but I think I hear red-bellied woodpecker. Might want another opinion
  18. Pass on #1 2 is def. carolina wren
  19. Bird in flight

    This is a young White Ibis, based on wing pattern, pink bill, and feathered head/neck.
  20. Bird in flight

    Wood Stork I think
  21. Black and Yellow Black and Yellow

    this one is really showing that crown
  22. Audio recorded 19 Jan 2018 near a major river in northeastern Illinois Bird 1 was at the junction of a wetlands area and a wooded area. Ring-necked Pheasant or Wild Turkey? 29 seconds on Clyp.It. Bird 2 was in the woods right next to the river. Carolina Wren comb call? 16 seconds on Clyp.It.
  23. Please ID this bird in flight from Florida
  24. Sora?

    Looks like a Ruddy Turnstone. Edit: Sniped by mills0000
  25. Sora?

    Ruddy Turnstones
  26. Lunch

    Cattle Egret,snake time by Mike, on Flickr
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